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Commercial String Inverter Combiner 

This AC String Inverter combiner reduces cost from traditional AC combining means while providing the highest SCCR and weather ratings in the market. Half the size of a breaker-based solution and can be mounted in any configuration with input circuits up to 48 amps.


  • Faster response to damaging faults to help reduce destructive thermal and magnetic forces.
  • High Short-Circuit Current (SCCR) rating allows for install in any location in a solar system and still meet the fault current requirements anywhere in the photovoltaic system.
  • NEMA 4 rating allows for mounting in any configuration including on its back.
  • Powder coated white enclosure helps with heat reflection when out in the sun, reducing the internal temperature assisting with thermal deration.
  • Cost effective when compared to AC combining on thermal magnetic breakers. Extremely cost effective when compared to thermal magnetic breakers with electronic trip.
  • Any inverter current output up to 48A AC per circuit can be installed, which means flexibility in inverter design/sizing.
  • Finger-safe construction provides IP20 finger-safe protection under specified conditions.
  • Factory pre-wired

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