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Nova Scotia Launches SolarHomes Program

It's official! Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENS) has launched the SolarHomes residential solar photovoltaic (PV) incentive program!

SolarHomes program details:

  • Rebate will be $1.00/watt for eligible solar photovoltaic systems
  • Rebate may be reduced for seasonal properties
  • Rebate capped at 40% of the overall system cost to a maximum value of $10,000
  • All single-family homes in Nova Scotia are eligible
  • Residential seasonal properties are also eligible; however, the rebate level may be reduced
  • Both grid-tied and off-grid homes are eligible, though grid-tied (net-metered) systems are anticipated to make up the vast majority of participants
  • Participants must own the home and the equipment (though lease to own arrangements are eligible)
  • Expansions to existing systems are permitted
  • New residential construction is eligible
  • Co-operative housing and First Nation Band-owned homes are eligible.

For more information, visit the Efficiency Nova Scotia website:

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