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P.E.I. government working aggressively on solar energy plan

The P.E.I. government hopes to announce a plan for rebates for Islanders installing solar energy systems before the end of the current legislature sitting.

Energy Minster Steven Myers said Thursday the program is in the planning stages, and his department is working aggressively on it.

"What I want to do is lower that up-front cost, and I want it modeled closer to how we did the heat pump program," said Myers.

"In the different pay brackets, people were able to get a larger portion of the money back. And I want to do that, I want to make sure that people are able to get the most out of the program, and that regardless of what you make, that we can make it attractive to you to get into."

When the Progressive Conservatives were in opposition they called on government to stop taxing Islanders on electricity they produce from solar panels.

Myers said during the election he talked to people on the doorstep who wanted to add solar panels but couldn't because of the cost. He acknowledged solar panels are cost prohibitive for many right now.

While the solar rebate program is a priority, Myers said he wants to take the time to get it right, and develop a program that will encourage people to jump right into solar.

A successful program, he said, could have a significant impact on the province's carbon footprint.


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