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SaskPower stopping net metering program until review complete

SaskPower is halting its net metering program after reaching the cap of 16 megawatts two years earlier than expected. It is conducting a review of the program, but couldn't say how long it would take.

The program credited customers back for extra energy they made and contributed to the grid. The credit was banked and carried forward month-to-month, for up to three years. There was also a rebate for up to 20 per cent of installation costs, up to a maximum of $20,000.

According to SaskPower, applications to the net metering program have increased 80 per cent since July.

"If SaskPower just maintained the net metering program as-is and just let it keep on running until 2025, that alone would require a seven per cent rate increase for our rate-payers, which would be borne by the rate-payers who don't have solar panels on their homes," Joel Cherry, spokesperson for SaskPower, said.

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