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Solar City Program approved for extension

The Solar City program is going to be continued after a motion from Halifax Regional Council was passed today.

The program finances clean energy installations such as solar panels for home owners, who pay back the costs through property taxes.

The solar energy options available include electric as well as solar hot air and solar hot water. It was started in 2013 and is set to expire in May 2019, but after today's vote, the program will continue to run.

There are no set goals for extension, but the main focus is to spread awareness about how the environment is affected by fossil fuel.

Beyond the seeming success of the program among residents, staff also say more non-residential properties are becoming interested in taking advantage of it, including places of worship and charities. To be eligible, those properties need express consent of council.

Staff say to date, the largest system approved by HRM was a solar electric system to Woodlawn United Church in Dartmouth.

Applicants can also install solar energy systems by dealing with contractors themselves, but they will have to pay the cost out of pocket.

A number of city staff, including councillor Shawn Cleary have had solar panels installed through the program.

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