Zilla Electrical Flashing

Zilla® Electrical Flashing Assembly is a fully flashed, waterproof method of mounting standard electrical components, quickly, easily, and inexpensively.
  • Patented sealing technology protects penetrations from water intrusion.
  • Passed 3rd party testing for roof flashings in accordance with AC 286 evaluation standards using the methodology of UL 441.
  • Adapter made of Aluminum.
  • Has 3/4” NPSM threads compatible with most standard components, ie, combiner boxes, junction boxes, entrance panels, conduit bodies, etc.
  • Solid, secure attachment.
  • Ideal for use with shingles or siding.
  • Other applications: satellite dish cables, weather monitoring equipment, ham radio wiring, ethernet cabling, etc.
  • Available for metal roofs.
  • US Pat. 8,479,455*.

Assembly contains: Electrical Base Plate, Zilla® Lags (x4), Electrical Flashing, Aluminum Flashing Adapter, and O-Rings (x2).





1.3 kg Each
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